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Virtually anything that will fit in your box, and because we have a variety of boxes and safes to choose from, the list can be exhaustive, the only stipulation is that you may not store anything obtained illegally or anything of an illegal nature.

A few examples of items you may wish to store would be jewelry, cash, precious metals and stones, wills, deeds ,shares,  stamps, passports, antiques, confidential papers, data storage, family heirlooms or anything that is of importance or value to you.

Anything dangerous/hazardous Oils Weapons or Ammunition Any kind of liquids Stolen property Living plants Living creatures Narcotics Drugs Flammable liquids Improperly preserved organic materials Explosives Items with low ignition point.

To open an account and get access to a safety deposit box you will be required to provide the following:
— Original passport or Emirates ID
— Fingerprint which will be scanned on the spot
— A picture of your face which will be taken on the spot
— A Registration Fee of 100AED will be required on top of the box price when creating a contract.

Only with your express permission. Nobody at Keep Secure can open your box, your key to your box is unique and is for the sole use of the account holder. You can however nominate one other person to have access to your safety deposit box. You will still only be issued with one unique key.
Lost keys cannot be replaced. The key issued is unique. If you lose or damage your key then the only access into your safety deposit box will be via the services of a locksmith. Unfortunately, if this situation should occur then the cost of replacing the lock and issuing a new unique key will be passed onto you at the price of 2,500AED.
If you have nominated a second account holder then, providing all rental fees are paid up to date, they will have access to your box and will be able to remove any contents. However, should this not be the case, then the person reporting your death should bring a certified copy of the death certificate to our office at the time of reporting. Access will be allowed to the box for the purposes of probate valuation only. No items may be removed until a relevant grant of probate has been shown.

14 days before your renewal is due we will write to you to let you know that either a payment is required to continue to use your box or if you wish to cancel your contract then you will be required to empty your box before this deadline.
Should you take no action during this period then access to your box will be denied until such time as at least the minimum rental fee is paid (currently this is a 1-month contract).
An administration charge of 300AED will also be payable.