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How Safety Deposit Boxes are Providing the Biggest Reassurance to Individuals in the UAE?

How Safety Deposit Boxes are Providing the Biggest Reassurance to Individuals in the UAE?


As a person living in the UAE, you may have valuable documents about your personal or business use. You may have a swanky safe deposit box at home, but you cannot trust the security aspect when you are out of the station. This is why investing in a KeepSecure safety deposit box for rent UAE can be a great idea.

‘Is it safer than my home?’- imagine your documents and jewelry in a tight multi-level security deposit under a 24-hour surveillance system. Does it sound safe now? KeepSecure is a legitimate firm, offering a safe deposit box in UAE for Dubai residents and non-residents.

How to Open an Account at KeepSecure

You need to have an original Emirates ID or passport, a fingerprint scanning on the spot, a picture of your face for verification on the spot, will be vital. Also, a registration fee of 100AED on top of the box price will be necessary.

Access of a locker will be given only to the client. Key will be with Client at all times and the organization keeps the locker details confidential while being under the jurisdiction of the UAE.

While accessing the safe deposit locker in UAE, you must remember not to store any guns or ammunition. Any kind of liquids Stolen property, Living plants, Drugs Flammable liquids Improperly preserved organic materials Explosives Items with low ignition point. Read through their terms and conditions thoroughly before choosing them for your priced valuables’ safekeeping.

Types of Boxes Available for Safe Deposit

It is easy to look for a safe box rental in UAE. The best thing would be to check the deposit box in Dubai online from KeepSecure’s site itself. They have four different types of boxes to offer, with varying dimensions. The height of the boxes ranges from 11.5cm to 24.5cm. There are options to go for monthly or yearly plans and pick the package that suits your budget.

You may store precious metals, cash, stamps, passports, antiques, confidential papers, data storage, and family heirlooms. Jewelry is also essential that you may store with papers in these boxes and leave your worries aside!

The safe deposit boxes these days are indeed the best way to keep your possessions safe and secure even as you travel worldwide.

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